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Laparoscopic Nephrectomy

The standard treatment for localized kidney cancer is an open nephrectomy. Under general anesthesia, the kidney is removed through a large incision that may be made in the side of the body, in the front of the abdomen or in the back. With this treatment the hospital stay is several days and the recovery usually takes several weeks. There is great deal of pain and the incision is quite large.

With a laparoscopic nephrectomy, three or four small abdominal incisions are made in the abdomen to provide access for a camera and surgical instruments that are used to detach the kidney and to ligate the blood vessels. The intact kidney is enclosed in a bag and removed through an incision. Dr.Sunkavally is trained in doing laparoscopic Nephrectomy. He has treated many patients using this procedure. With laparoscopic Nephrectomy, the pain is much less and recovery to normal activities is much faster.

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