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Robotic Pyeloplasty

Urine normally drains from the kidney into a tube that carries the urine down to the bladder called the ureter. This area of drainage is referred to as the ureteropelvic junction (UPJ). People can be born with a blockage that progresses later in life or develop a blockage from stones or scar tissue. Eventually this condition can lead to loss of a kidney.

There are many treatments for UPJ Obstruction. The treatments consist of 1/dilating the UPJ, 2/cutting the UPJ with lasers or cautery instruments, or 3/repairing it surgically. The success rates vary from 25% to 95% depending on the form of therapy, with surgical reconstruction giving the best cure rates.

The adoption of robotic technology into today's modern operating rooms has stimulated a new era in urologic surgery. The daVinci robot provides magnified three-dimensional vision and a miniature robotic articulating wrist that allows precise dissection and laparoscopic suturing. Robotic pyeloplasty is an excellent technique with very good results. Blood loss and pain are minimal, allowing early discharge home and quick recovery.

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