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I am a cancer survivor, thanks to Dr. Sunkavally and his exemplary staff.

I was diagnosed as having prostate cancer in early 2000. After several biopsies were taken, it was determined that the prostate was completely impregnated with cancer and would have to be removed.

I went to Stanford Medical center for a second opinion. Their conclusion was the same but they indicated that I could probably hold off the surgery for 4 to 5 years due to the slow growth of prostate cancer.

After discussing this with Dr. Sunkavally we decided to have the surgery done as soon as possible because of my age. Waiting 5 years would put a greater strain on an older person.

After a very successful surgery, I was told that I also had bladder cancer that was discovered during the surgery. If I would have taken the advice of the Stanford medical staff, I would not be a cancer survivor. The bladder cancer would never have been discovered and may have progressed to a severe stage.

After approximately eighteen months of having chemicals inserted into the bladder, it was determined that this procedure was not working and the bladder would have to be removed.

In February of 2006, I had my second major and successful surgery.

For both surgeries, Dr. Sunkavally and his staff kept me informed of what would happen and what changes to expect in my life. Due to this information, I felt as comfortable as possible while facing another major surgery.

Due to Dr. Sunkavally and his expertise, I can say I am a cancer survivor and grateful for his services. I would recommend this Dr to anyone. I consider him a great surgeon and a great friend.